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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Graduate from college!

So, after five years--nine full semesters and then one semester retaking one Gen Ed course elsewhere--I am FINALLY graduating from Earlham College with a BA in English. So I thought I'd share some feats and experiences from my time at Earlham that I, and others, have found particularly meaningful:

During my college career, I...
  • Came out in front of my freshman class at New Student Orientation
  • Got a standing ovation walking at graduation
  • Expanded my thinking about race
  • Spoke the truth
  • Acted with kindness and dignity to just about everyone.
  • Stayed sober
  • Made more friends than I ever had for the first 18 years of my life
  • Impressed people with my knowledge of music
  • Earned the respect of professors with Ph.D.s
  • Spoke out on issues I care about
  • Started important conversations
  • Gained confidence and social skills I'd never had
  • Earned two standing ovations for original songs
  • Learned that things can and do get better
  • Spoke out about seeking help for depression
  • Completed a really difficult major after changing majors 5 times
  • Got told, "I love you" by people I didn't know well
  • Got called "an encyclopedia"
  • Stood up for myself when I was hurt
  • Learned to reach out to others effectively
Comment if you want elaboration on any of these.

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