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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Make a new year's post

In 2011, I, Joshua D. Friedberg:

  • Graduated from college.
  • Performed and wrote some original music.
  • Was a first-time camp counselor and gained new confidence in the process.
  • Finished a major paper after over 2 years of intense research, writing, and revision, and got it accepted at PopMatters for forthcoming publication in 2012.
  • Moved out of my hometown... at least temporarily.
  • Continued to re-think and problematize various ideas, including about music and race.
  • Read at least 5 complete books and a whole bunch of essays and critical articles.
  • Walked dogs for money.
  • Applied to graduate school for 2012-13.
  • At least partially moved on from some tough stuff from the past.
  • Started saying "it's all good" and "wonderful" a lot.
  • Strengthened some important friendships.
  • Cut caffeine out of my system, hopefully for good.
  • Started this blog.
  • Stayed strong.